Having an estate plan for yourself is just the first step. A PetWill Pet Trust goes the extra mile and includes plans that are specific to your pet and your pet's unique needs. By getting a PetWill you have a standalone legal pet trust that recognizes your pet as the beneficiary and gives your pet legal rights. PetWill is easy (takes minutes) and affordable (only a one-time $15.95 for your first pet and $9.95 for each additional pet). You also get to name up to three pet guardians who will provide day-to-day care. This gives you peace of mind for your pet's future should anything happen. If you have a will already, the law does not allow you to leave money outright for your pet. Doing so can cause your will to be contested and judges have prevented pets from receiving money. PetWill allows you to leave money directly for your pet's care. Furthermore, most people neglect to mention their pets as part of their estate planning or their attorney may not be familiar with planning for pets. At PetWill, planning for your pets is our number one priority. Getting a PetWill can be the most important thing you get for your pet.